About the Group

Darga Amirim specializes in the planning and development of real estate projects.
The Company was founded around the concept of integrating and assembling the partners’ competences and expertise both in the professional aspect and economic strength.

Darga Amirim operates and draw its activities from the perception that “Customer is the Center” – learning and understanding the customer’s needs are the top criteria in selecting the Company’ development projects.
When selecting projects, the Company gives prominence to the following parameters: demand areas, proximity to major transportation axes, education systems of the highest level, culture, commerce and sports.

The Company has been working and operating with the finest professionals existing in the market while ensuring and maintaining the highest quality of performance and workmanship and creating a customer experience at the exposure stage of the Acquisition Project and naturally, while accompanying the client up to the delivery of the apartment.


Ben Soussan Investments is a veteran and experienced Company benefiting from the fruits of an array of leading enterprises and businesses in the market (Marina Galilee Mushrooms Ltd, Carmel Mizrahi), companies with high and steady cash flow, these characteristics enable Ben Soussan Investments to gain financial strength and independence in its investments in yielding real estate and residential real estate.

Bouhbot Holdings and the Company owners emerged as a marketing Company specializing in residential real estate, and have been accompanying and assisting major and leading companies on the market for over a decade, the Company has managed projects on large and significant scales. Nowadays, the Company undertakes and launches projects by itself.

Darga Amirim is the result of comprehending that the connection between a wealth of experience in real estate, financial strength and independence represent the key to an experienced and healthy Company capable of leading substantial projects